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Creating lifelong memories

Opening day at farm this year is Saturday, November 18, 2023. Come early for the best selection of beautiful Craft Grown Trees. We will be open from 9 am - 3 pm each day until we sell out. We provide Bow Saws, Wagons and Twine to tie down your tree to get it home safely and securely.

  We are pet friendly! Yes we have big trees - up to 20 feet tall!

We are ready to Welcome you to the farm. 

Making Memories

Treasured memories of time well spent with friends and family. Many of our guests are second and third generations. We have been growing craft trees for over 45 years.

Tree Hunt

Bring your Gum Boots and Gloves. Grab a complimentary Wagon and Bow Saw and head out into over 17 acres of the finest Craft Trees in the Greater Vancouver area. 

Our Tree Farm is on the original home of the Hudson Bay Company Farm. 

Craft Trees

The finest seed sources combined with a climate and soil ideal for growing the Premium Trees. Nordmann, Grand, Douglas, Fraser, and Noble are the Fir Tree varietals grown on our farm.   

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